Paper on suspended Si structures published

Researchers from the Southampton Silicon Photonics Group, University of Malaga, University of Paris Sud and National Reseach Council in Canada have recently published a paper on a library of mid-IR devices in suspended silicon. The novel idea involves only one dry etch step to create a subwavelength grating which serves two purposes: to act as a lateral cladding and to create holes for HF removal of the buried oxide cladding.

The researchers have demonstrated a set of suspended MIR silicon subwavelength engineered devices, such as waveguides, bends, MMI couplers and Mach-Zehnder interferometers. The measured waveguides propagation loss is 0.82 dB/cm, one of the lowest values yet reported for the mid-IR waveguides. These results demonstrate an excellent potential of the subwavelength grating engineered devices for the mid-infrared, potentially extending the wavelength range of the SOI platform to the entire transparency window of silicon. The paper is available here.

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