Fast Mid-Infrared Silicon Detectors Published In Nature Photonics

Researchers from the University of McMaster in Canada, and ORC in Southampton have demonstrated a fast mid-IR photodetector based on a waveguide integrated p-i-n monolithic silicone diode.

A bit rate in excess of 20 Gb/s has been demonstrated at the wavelegth of 2 microns in an avalanche configuration. The device attains its longer-wavelength photoresponse from Si divacancies produced by low-dose inert ion implantation at the back-end of a CMOS foundry process. The introduction of lattice defects and mid-gap levels facilitates electron-hole generation. The photodetector can find its application in ultrafast optical receivers for the 2 micron band, that can be useful in future telcommunications and datacommunications links. Press release

The paper is available here.

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